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Our Services & Solutions
  1. Content recording & development.
  2. We provide trained assistants to support classroom recording, who will handle the hardware and software, assist the faculty in case of any necessity and ensure that the regular classroom is not disturbed on account of recording and placing the e-learning set up.

  3. Editing services
  4. The recorded classes will be subjected to editing by our team of professionals who will ensure that the unwanted matters are removed and only the effective content is brought out which will be made available to the students

  5. Supply of related IT hardware and software:
  6. We deal in unique types of computer equipments, peripherals, electrical & electronic equipments and components to enable e-learning and to develop the state of art e-learning contents which is completely distinctive from what is usually available in the market. These hardware components are handpicked and are identified after an extensive research which involved several millions of Rupees, since the year 2009

    Our Software delivers the Video based learning Contents in Highly secured manner. Our Team involved in continous development and support for Institution / Academy Management softwares and works for eCommerce Solutions to our customers.

  7. Supply of requisite furniture for class room and faculty:
  8. In order to ensure that the classroom lectures are recorded without any disturbance to the regular classroom session, we help in sourcing ergonomically designed custom made furniture for supporting the e-learning set up.

  9. Supply of power backup devices:
  10. We also help in sourcing the power back up devices to support the system in the event of power failure. This is necessary to ensure that the content so recorded does not get lost on account of such eventualities.

  11. Content delivery to students / customers:
  12. The classes which were recorded, edited, encrypted and made secure will be made available to the bonafide students of the faculty or the educational institutions through USB storage devices which can be used to view in personal computers, laptops, android devices, and Apple IOS mobile devices etc.,

  13. Setting up archive centres:
  14. This would involve placing a number of secured personal computers enabled with headsets for going through the recorded classroom lectures, furniture set up and surveillance (CCTV) set up. We are also experienced in setting up and maintenance of such archive centres.

  15. Arranging studio / classroom hall for recording:
  16. We are very experienced in setting up classroom or arranging a studio set up for recording the live classrooms. We have created a classroom which is enabled with all features required for recording at our own facility located in Chennai.
    Custom e-Learning Solutions: We understand that for every faculty or institution, the type of teaching and delivery may be different. For each scenario, the e-learning requirement may also be different. We can also provide customised e-learning solutions based on the different scenarios as expected by the faculties/ institutions.

Content Security:

We appreciate the fact that the video lectures are most important for the faculties and the institutions. Hence we take additional efforts in ensuring that the contents are secure to the extent of 99.9% so that they are not capable of being pirated in any form. The contents recorded are encrypted in such a way that there is no way that the video can be recorded on any other medium. The methods we use for developing content security are being tested by our team of computer professionals.

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