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In a world, where the power of technology resides in our pockets, it is no longer necessary to depend on traditional classroom learning. It allows one to be able and to do the learning at anytime, any pace and from any place. At Iris we facilitate through our technical and technology solutions for taking classrooms to anywhere.

We provide technical and technology solutions to empower education, by providing comprehensive e-learning systems researched and developed by
About Us
Iris Techsolve India Pvt. Ltd. (ITIPL) is an organization incorporated in the year 2013. ITIPL is committed to the development and delivery of high quality educational contents in most secured manner. ITIPL team is on continuous research and develops systems for supporting and enabling e-Learning.

Our system delivers high quality video lectures, conducts tests and provides study materials (books) related to educational courses in the most secured way i.e. piracy is not made possible
Vision & Mission
Our Vision
Every student desires to learn with the flexibility, to learn from anywhere and at any time. We aim to bridge teachers and students who are separated by geographical distance, offering online educational courses, making access available in personal computers, Android and Apple mobile devices which include tablets and smart phones.

Establish ourselves as a pioneer in secured eLearning content development and delivering company.

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